High Bills

If you are experiencing high water bills you may want to check around the household for possible leaks. To check the water meter for movement you will need to locate the meter near the curb in front of the house or place of business. It is in the ground, housed in a concrete box. Visually examine the area around the meter to ensure your safety (Black Widow Spiders are known to nest in meter boxes). The little triangle on the face of the meter is a low flow indicator. It will rotate with even a very low flow through the meter. To check for leaks, turn off all known water uses inside and outside the house. If you have an automatic icemaker, make sure it is not operating. When all water is turned off, the low flow indicator should not move.

If the low flow indicator is moving, there is water flowing somewhere on your property. Turn off the water shut-off valve (usually located where the waterline enters the house). If the low flow indicator is still moving the water service line or your meter is leaking. If the low flow indicator stops moving with the water valve off, water was flowing inside the house (this could be a toilet leak, a leaky pipe, or any number of problems).

When you have finished reading the meter, carefully replace the meter box cover.