Read Your Meter

Throughout the year of 2020, the Muscle Shoals Utilities Board has upgraded our customers water meters. This project has given all of our customers brand new water meters that can be remotely read each month. These new meters have a digital readout that is easier to read and they also store up to 40 days worth of data for each customer. This data can be beneficial in helping our customers understand their monthly water use habits and to help identify customer plumbing leaks.

Notice that your residential water meter has only one dial (see image on this page). The dial has a sweep hand which measures water usage in gallons. One complete revolution equals ten gallons of water used. The odometer-type register in the middle of the dial registers the hundreds of gallons used. To read the meter you record the numbers from the odometer-type register. Since the odometer registers in hundreds of gallons you do not record the last two numbers. (The last number is a permanent number and the next dial registers tenths.) The remaining dials register the actual (in hundreds) water used. Subtract the previous reading from the new reading and you will know how many hundreds of gallons of water you have used. This meter is reading 3692.

Note: You may have a meter that measures in cubic feet. If so, on cubic foot of water equals 7.5 gallons of water